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Welcome seeker. If you have found this section of the Infonet you have been deemed worthy of the information herein of we the silent protectors of a pure republic. We, the Potentium Knights have sworn to protect the Republic from all threats outside and within. We are a loose order of dedicated citizens with ties to the Jedi Order, the Republic military, and freelance contractors. Our existence is little known to these organizations as well as the public, due to methods we feel must be employed for the greater good of this society-- actions that are in accord to the Potentium philosophy of the Force. Ours is a belief that the Force holds no light or dark, that it is the practitioner and the layman who color it with their emotion. To ensure the Republic's constant enkindlement as a beacon of civilization, we stand in the dusk to hold the shadow's edge at bay. We hold the line.
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Know Your Knights Contest

PotentiumKnights, Feb 9, 12 2:22 AM.
Greetings fellow Gray Walker,

Our initial recruitment has afforded us a good number of allies in support of the Potentium virtues and thusly, the Republic. So far, many of us come from similar walks of life, be it the spiritual training of the order or the organization of the military. However, we are more than just our training, One of our prime virtues is freedom and that includes expression. I feel that we have much to offer each other beyond improving upon combat technique and trade of information, we offer a community of like minded individuals that represent devoted members of this shining republic.

This is why I, The Potentium Master, have decided to host the Know Your Knights contest to encourage our community and camaraderie. The rules are simple: first find out as much about your fellow Gray Walkers as possible, either through direct face-to-face interaction, through our guild's galactic communications system, or the Infonet site's own forums; next, make a post in the forums under the contest's thread, describing in your own words the inner character of your fellow Potentium Knights.

The posts will be judged by myself and the Justicars, so we are prohibited from participating beyond you learning more about us and we of you. Judging will take place on Thursday, February 16th, 9:00p server time. The winner and runners-up will be announced during the the guild meeting which will begin at 9:30p the same evening in the first room on the right of the second floor of the Senate. The two runners-up will recieve 10,000 credits while the winner will recieve 25,000-- enough to buy a comfortably seated speeder!

So get out there and Know Your Knights!
Good luck and may the Force balance you,

Geon Strider

((Just so there is no confusion, this is an In Character RP event. Do not post OOC player information or character information gathered through OOC means, the latter will be based on the honor system. Any OOC related information will be grounds for disqualification.))

First Guild Meeting Held in Coruscant

PotentiumKnights, Feb 4, 12 7:23 PM.
The Potentium Knights held their first guild meeting on Coruscant this Thursday, with five members in attendance. Topics included the guild's purpose, ranking system and an opportunity to meet with the guild leadership. Future meetings will be held monthly and as needed. Minutes will be posted in the Forum's Mission Logs section.
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